Halfing rogue. Good allignment.


Merric, level 1 Halfling, Rogue. 469xp

Build: Trickster Rogue Rogue Tactics: Artful Dodger

Deity: Avandra

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 10, Con 12, Dex 19, Int 14, Wis 9, Cha 14.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 10, Con 12, Dex 17, Int 14, Wis 9, Cha 12.

AC: 16 Fort: 11 Reflex: 16 Will: 12 HP: 24 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 6

TRAINED SKILLS Stealth +9, Thievery +11, Streetwise +7, Bluff +7, Acrobatics +11, Perception +4

UNTRAINED SKILLS Arcana +2, Diplomacy +2, Dungeoneering -1, Endurance +1, Heal -1, History +2, Insight -1, Intimidate +2, Nature -1, Religion +2, Athletics

FEATS Level 1: Backstabber (sneak attack does +2d8 damage)


Rogue at-will 1: Sly Flourish (Standard action, +7 to attack, d6+6 damage)

Rogue at-will 1: Deft Strike (Standard action, +7 to attack, d6+4 damage: move up to 2 squares before the attack)

Rogue encounter 1: King's Castle (Standard action, +7 to attack, 2d6+4 damage: switch places with willing adjacent ally)

Rogue daily 1: Trick Strike (Standard action, +7 to attack, 3d6+4: whether you hit or miss, you slide the opponent one square each time you hit it until the end of the encounter.

ITEMS (in inventory + thrown but retrievable) Leather Armor, Dagger, Short sword, Shuriken (9), Thieves' Tools



Merric is unremarkable for a halfling, being average height, a little slimmer than normal, and having dark hair and eyes. He is unusually quiet. That said, those who approach him find him to be more talkative than most humans are. He has street-smarts enough to dress plainly and practically when travelling without guard, and he is never without a well-balanced throwing knife or ten and a set of lock picks.


Merric's family is mostly middle class merchants, based in Freehaven and turning a profit through long-distance trade. Merric's community is devoted almost exclusively to Avandra, though some worship Melora or Sehanine instead. Unusually, worshipping multiple deities is considered a taboo. Merric was born during a festival worshipping Avandra that cooincided with a new moon and low tide, so the priests declared the newborn to be blessed by Avandra, except one who divined that Sehanine had stepped in as well. The mad priest was locked away for his insanity and poor understanding of celestial objects (there was no moon that day), and Merric was raised worshipping Avandra. Nonetheless, the community kept its distance from Merric until he began turning unusual profits in his business ventures at an unusually young age; Merric's financial records contain no unaccounted for wealth and he has never been accused of wrongdoing: clearly blessed by Avandra and not Sehanine. Merric's unusual skill at the roguish crafts is attributed to the skill of his mentor, Kartenix. Appropriately enough, no one but Kartenix noticed Merric's unusual untrained skill at the roguish crafts.


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