Belmor Under Siege

It all started in a bar. Several adventurers have assembled in the Broken Wheel Tavern for various reasons. Some have received visions that their destiny lay in the frontier near the Broken Lands. When one studies the mystical arts, one does not question a dream-vision of such urgency. Merric has received a summons from an old mentor, Kartenix, to come to Belmor as soon as possible, but he did not specify why. The adventurers stand out among the regular patrons of the bar, and they eye each other warily while the harried wench fetches their drinks.

Suddenly, there is a shout in the street, followed by shrieks and the sounds of combat. The door to the tavern bursts open, and four hobgoblins burst through, swords in their hands and murder in their eyes…

Wave after wave of hobgoblins enter the bar, urged on by goblin commandos who start to set fire to the building. While most patrons flee out the back, a few brave souls remain to fight the invaders. The heroes put up a brave fight, killing many of the hobgoblins, but ultimately they fall back to the back door. Then, the novice heroes launch a counterattack, wiping out the last of the hobgoblins and ganging up on the goblin arsonists.

When the fight is over, the bar is ablaze. Merric makes an improvised missile of a bottle of spirits, and Melech notices that the goblins wear the insignia of the Red Hand, an army thought to have been obliterated a decade before. A priest of Kord named Alain de Morby offers assistance of healing blessings, but time is short: the inn is on fire, and cries for help can be heard outside. Street

Name Init HP Damage Effects Surges used AP
Merric 23 24 0 none 1 2
Melech 18 22 0 none 1 2
Balasar 8 29 0 none 3 2
Alain 5 24 0 none 2 2

Belmor Under Siege

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