The Descent into the Catacombs

The stairs into the catacombs are well worn, suggesting that these ancients tombs have acquired a new purpose. Merric leads the way down, only to find some sentries awaiting him. The party rushes into combat, hoping to catch the guards by surprise.

After dealing with the goblins, the party descends the stairs leading from the center passage. They find a vast room filled with mushrooms, including some hazardous varieties. Also lurking there are two large, dragon-like lizards…


Name Init HP Damage Effects Surges used AP
Merric 21 24 -19 none 2 2
Balasar 14 29 -11 none 4 2
Melech 11 22 -0 none 1 2
Critter 1 6 xx -27 bloodied, enraged x x
Critter 2 6 xx -9 none x x
Alain 2 24 0 none 3 2

The Descent into the Catacombs

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