The Road to Rivenroar

The hobgoblin finally agrees to reveal the location of the Red Hand’s hidehout, vowing that his leader Sinruth will make short work of them.

The party sets out the next morning through the rocky hills of northern Belmor, stopping at the monastery of Helm’s Fist. There, Alain impresses his brethren with his devotion, and the group is given lodging and four healing potions, along with the blessing of helm.

A stop at Chickering reveals the small village in flames, the population scattered by a goblin raid. Two captives were taken, and the group decides to press on directly to Rivenroar.

The hills get steeper as the party climbs to the ruined frontier castle. The path moves up a defile though lightly wooded terrain. The path is blocked by an old cairn. Movement within reveals that it is a lair. Merric’s alertness helps the group be ready when four beasts, two large kruthik and their young, emerge.


Name Init HP Damage Effects Surges used AP
Merric 9 24 0 none 0 2
Melech 5 22 -10 none 0 2
Balasar 4 29 -1 none 0 2
Alain 3 24 -17 none 0 2
Kruthik Adult 2 3 xx -61 none x x

The Road to Rivenroar

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